47^ Stagione Lirica di Tradizione del Teatro Pergolesi di Jesi (dal 4 ottobre al 30 novembre 2014)

Music & Vision, 30 dicembre 2014
Unmistakably French. Offenbach’s The Tales of Hoffmann
di Giuseppe Pennisi

(…) The three main sopranos were young (in their twenties): Bianca Tognocchi (an Italian coloratura soprano), Maria Mudryak (a Kazak lyric soprano), and Larissa Alice Wissel (a German dramatic soprano). All three were superb. (…) Michael Spadacini is a generous tenor who acts like an acrobat (…). Abramo Rosalen (in the role of the ‘bad guy’ taking the women away from Hoffmann) and Alessia Nadin (in the trouser role of the poet’s Muse) were perfect. Christian Capocaccia conducted the Milan orchestra I Pomeriggi Musicali competently. This was the first time that Les contes d’Hoffmann had been staged in Jesi, and the audience was enthusiastic. Leggi l’articolo