XIV Festival Pergolesi Spontini “Olimpie and Olimpia” (5 to 20 December 2014)

Voce della Vallesina, 21 December 2014
The music that speaks and smiles
Augusta Franco Cardinali

The Festival Pergolesi Spontini has taken into account this year of a difficult requirement: to combine the names of two great composers to the title of ‘European City of Sport’ conferred in Jesi. apparently pindarico report, but possible. The sport requires enthusiasm, determination, passion, tenacity, sacrifice. So also the art, the music; even life. (…) The first event of the festival was on December 5, the screening of the film ‘The Gold Rush’ commented by live music that form the soundtrack. They were composed by Charles Chaplin in 1942, when he revised the film of which, in 1925, he was director and performer. The composer of Chaplin is little known and not very well regarded by specialized critics. To achieve popularity was only in the 50s, the soundtrack of the film ‘Limelight’. A rediscovery, then, whose merit can be attributed to Timothy Brock, who directed the prestigious formation de ‘I Virtuosi Italian’. (…) To be unveiled is above the serene poetry, also expressed by the music, by which ‘the lovable tramp’ was able to observe life.
On December 6, in the Basilica of Loreto ‘I Virtuosi Italian’ and soprano Gemma Bertagnolli, extraordinary interpreter of Renaissance and Baroque music, they presented ‘Stabat Mater’. Planning a single author: Antonio Vivaldi, whose harmonious musical architectures can actually be extrapolated to those of the great Bramante. (…) Long applauded by many of those present was the manifestation so composite and meaningful. It added charm the scenic picture and the suggestion of the Basilica, beautifully lit in a calm and serene night.

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