Dedicated to Francesco Degrada


Prof. Francesco Degrada
(May 23rd, 1940 – May 20th, 2005)
Professor at the University of Milan
(Art, Music and Performances Department), teacher of History of Modern and Contemporary Music.

Prof. Francesco Degrada died before his time on May 20th 2005. He is unanimously recognized in the Academic circle as the world maximum expert of Giovanni Battista Pergolesi’s works.
Pergolesi Spontini Foundation, of which Pergolesi Committee Prof. Degrada had been President, wants to keep alive also, in this web page, an affected and tender memory in the name of the long and precious collaboration.

With a deliberative act the Jesi Town Council decided to give Degrada’s name to a street of the town, thanks to a suggestion of Pergolesi Spontini Foundation, considering

  • His studies about Pergolesi’s life and works, of which he redacted the final catalogue, free from fakes and implausible attributions,
  • His constant revision of the compositions that allows the contemporary representation of Pergolesi’s masterpieces in an authentic version that suits the Maestro’s original will.

His constant and twenty-years relationship with the town of Jesi, where he organized the “Convegni Pergolesiani” with the most outstanding scholars and where he personally edited Olimpiade’s and Il Flaminio’s critic editions for Pergolesi Spontini Foundation’ Editions, operas that were produced during the Festival.

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20 maggio 2015: l’omaggio di Jesi e della Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini a Francesco Degrada nel decimo anniversario della scomparsa

4 settembre 2015: l’intitolazione “Largo Francesco Degrada”

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