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47th Opera Season Tradition of the Pergolesi Theatre in Jesi (from 4 October to 30 November 2014)

Exibart, November 2014
A spectacular Don Giovanni
Pierfrancesco Giannangeli

There is a show, beautiful and paradigmatic, currently on the scene of Italian theaters, which tells better than many speeches as the work is not a product of the museum, a cumbersome ornament dusty, but rather a mixture of meat alive, blood and art , able to tell the life in the contemporary world. This show is much discussed not for singers, highly prized and almost everyone at the debut, but directed, that splits in half the theaters in the show in progress, producing a fun “corrida” effect, with the traditional so-called public horrified and unable to hide the discomfort, and others applauding trying to submerge the disagreements. A show within a show, it means that we are still alive. We are talking of Mozart’s Don Giovanni signed English Graham Vick (…) The quality of the show lies in the fact that his theatricality is absolute and this enhances the communication skills.

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