XIV Festival Pergolesi Spontini “Olimpie and Olimpia” (5 to 20 December 2014)

Il Giornale della Musica, December 23, 2014
Pergolesi in the sports name
Lucia Fava

The similarities between music and sports have been the theme of the fourteenth edition of the newly concluded Pergolesi Spontini Festival, to celebrate Jesi European city of sport in 2014.
Sports like athletics and physical performance aimed at achieving and exceeding the limits of corporal possibilities, not so very different from virtuoso, Extreme domain on the musical instrument or voice. But also as a sports competition and comparison between athletes-righteous, who engage in arduous tests of agility and power. As it was for the two falsettists protagonists of the concert “Voice Race. By Farinelli to Velvets: the vocal art of the castrati “: the soprano and alto Paul Lopez Antonello Dorigo, portentous voices who played the beautiful arias by Handel multiple and conflicting emotions, Porpora, Vivaldi and Giacomelli. In the intimate and dimly lit the small Teatro Moriconi, a candle, (…) Dorigo Lopez and light left the audience breathless (…) The star was also the Accademia Barocca I Virtuosi Italian, led by the first violin Alberto Martini, who accompanied the two singers with great executive sharpness and plasticity of phrasing.
Always Virtuosi Italian, this time directed by Corrado Rovaris, performed dall’Olimpiade symphonies and arias by Vivaldi, Pergolesi, Cimarosa another concert dedicated to vocal virtuosity, entitled “Olympics-Olimpie”: in the second half were in fact proposed the ‘ overture and some danceable (the latter first in modern times running) dall’Olimpie Spontini. (…) Rovaris was very natural and very close to the orchestra in Vivaldi and Pergolesi, seemed in dialogue with them and the music gushes from his hands rather than by instruments; then with the headcount increase in Cimarosa and even more in Spontini increasingly “director”, less and less in the orchestra, and more on the podium. But always, in any case, it communicated the intelligence of making music, emphasizing dynamic contrasts of timbre and emersion in a careful and refined.

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