XIV Festival Pergolesi Spontini “Olimpie and Olimpia” (5 to 20 December 2014)

Il Resto del Carlino, 22 December 2014
Palatriccoli crowded for the voice of Malika
Sara Ferreri

An unreleased concert and exciting, an ovation for Malika Ayane, in perfect symbiosis with the orchestra de “I Virtuosi Italian” and the unusual series curated by Benito Leonori. Closing big Saturday night for the Festival Pergolesi Spontini to Palatriccoli, where more than 1,500 people were transferred. An exciting journey through the most famous songs of the Beatles since the early concerts to great successes, in an event that has managed to perfectly combine the classicism of a symphony orchestra with the history of the Popular music. Featuring the warm voice of Malika Ayane, one of the most popular contemporary Italian music scene, among the 20 on the big stage of the Ariston for the next Sanremo. (…)

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