The small San Marcello centre took the name from the Saint and Pope that at the beginning of the IV Century sent to Jesi the Bishop and evangelist S. Settimio Proto. Around the XI century it was a Benedictine monastic centre. Later, in 1234, it became a castle when 129 families arrived from Jesi to populate it. San Marcello, destroyed at the end of the XII Century, was rebuilt in 1429 and by the end of the XVI Century got administrative autonomy from Jesi, becoming castle of the contado.

Of the ancient Castle it remains today the city wall, the shape of which is regular and in origin provided of bracket and towers. The Primo Ferrari Theatre was realized by the engineer Ernesto Medi from Monte San Vito during the years 1870-71 in the building structures built over the wall. The little theatre presents in its interior an “U” structure with a series of superimposed arcades articulated by small pillars in wood.

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