XIV Festival Pergolesi Spontini “Olimpie and Olimpia” (5 to 20 December 2014)

Vt service, December 31, 2014
Olimpiade and Olimpia
by Prospero Trigona

(…) From the Olympics three authors [Pergolesi, Vivaldi, Cimarosa] I Virtuosi Italian directed by Corrado Rovaris performed in Jesi symphonies and arias for soprano. The scenic design by Paolo Andrenucci has created a simple and dramatic backdrop inspired by sports competitions visible in the Greek vase paintings and the famous diver stored at Paestum. Against this background it has dawned the magnificent soprano Gemma Bertognolli rich in color and can cover the entire extent of the soprano scale; She sang with passion and yet with interpretive balance excellently seconded by the orchestra. Together, in fact, they have thrilled the audience. The second part of the evening was devoted to Olimpie Gaspare Spontini. (…) The orchestra has been engaged as a whole as in the individual elements. The brilliant performance has done justice to the flexibility and the ambitions of ‘grand opera’ Spontini in the orchestral setting. the execution of two of the ballet, among other things, constitutes a novelty in modern times.
Satisfaction and applause from the audience.

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