XIV Festival Pergolesi Spontini “Olimpie and Olimpia” (5 to 20 December 2014)

Corriere Adriatico, December 22, 2014
Malika enchants the Palas. Spectacular scenery for “The Beatles record”
Marco Chiatti

It ‘was one of the events that will surely remain in the memories of this holiday season. A special concert that had the merit to dematerialise the Palatriccoli walls of Jesi (sold out) and project images and spectators in a timeless place. Where the only voice of Malika Ayane and the orchestra Virtuosi Italians have been able to build a memory at all obvious and absolutely enjoyable 4 baronetti Liverpool. “The Beatles record” is the title of the concert was staged as the final jewel of the XIV Festival Pergolesi Spontini. And if the voice of Malika Ayane, who escapes any kind of definition but can become one with his personality and the veil of embarrassment that always seems to accompany her, she literally charmed the audience, not theless the orchestra’s musical reading It tore applause to the audience. (…) So many memories and songs sung in unison with the audience on a musical journey that has been able to give emotions. In short, a small miracle Marche, designer Pergolesi Spontini Foundation, which had the merit of the idea (and investment) to create a show as original as successful and accurate in all its details. With limited resources (including financial), but a lot of imagination and lots of craft, give life to a show of excellent quality is a sign of professionalism and artistic competence. (…)

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