FONDAZIONE PERGOLESI SPONTINI website uses cookies and similar technologies in order to guarantee a proper working process and to improve the experience in using online applications. This paragraph refers to COOKIES POLICY, useful to provide users with indications regarding why and how they are used by WWW.FONDAZIONEPERGOLESISPONTINI.COM and how to manage them, as requested by the Privacy Warrantor web document, May 8th 2014 n. 3118884.

Cookies are short text portions (letters and/or numbers) which permit the server web to save on the client (browser) information to be reuse during the same session (session cookies) or later on, also after some days (persistent cookies). Cookies are saved based, on users’ preferences, by every different browser on the specific device used (computer, tablet, smartphone).
Similar technologies, such as, for example, web beacon, transparent and all the local storage kinds introduced with HTML5, can be used to collect information about the user’s behavior and the service use.
In this document, from now on we will refer to cookies and to similar technologies simply calling them “cookies”.

Cookies Categories
Below, you can find a list of cookies. We have grouped these cookies into three categories:

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies. Strictly necessary cookies are those whose storage is necessary to provide the services explicitly requested. We use them to remember you as having logged into this website and accessing the website reserved functions. They last until the end of the user’s working session (once the browser is closed, they are deleted). Deactivating these cookies compromises the use of all the services functioning after having logged in. Anyway, the website public part can be always normally used.
  • Performance Cookies. Performance cookies collect anonymous information on the pages visited. We use performance cookies to collect information about how visitors use our website. All information these cookies collect is aggregated and therefore anonymous; the information these cookies collect is only used to improve how our website works. Deactivating these cookies can be done without losing any features.
  • Targeting Cookies. Targeting cookies collect information about your browsing habits in order to make advertising relevant to you and your interests. Targeting cookies allow you to easily link to social sites like Facebook. WWW.FONDAZIONEPERGOLESISPONTINI.COM does not use Targeting Cookies.

Third-party Cookies
When surfing a website, you can receive cookies from both the visited website itself (“first-part cookies”) and websites managed by other organizations (“third-party cookies”). Like standard cookies, third-party cookies are placed so that a website can remember something about you at a later time. Both are typically used to store surfing and personalization preferences and tracking information. Third-party cookies, however, are often set by advertising networks that a site may subscribe to in the hopes of driving up sales or page hits. An example of third-party cookies are the so-called “social plugins”.

To guarantee a full transparency, here you can find a list of website addresses related to the cookies various information and management processes:
Facebook information:
Facebook (set up): enter your own profile. Privacy Section.
Google+ information:
Google+ (set up):
Google Analytics

FONDAZIONE PERGOLESI SPONTINI website also includes some parts transmitted by Google Analytics, a traffic web analysis provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”). Also in this case we are talking about third-party cookies anonymously collected and managed to screen and to improve the host site (performance cookies).
Google Analytics uses “cookies” in order to anonymously collect and analyze information about how visitors use FONDAZIONE PERGOLESI SPONTINI website ( user’s IP address included). This information is collected by Google Analytics, which elaborates them in order to edit reports for FONDAZIONE PERGOLESI SPONTINI operators about activities on these same websites. Our website doesn’t use (and doesn’t allow third-parties to use) Google analysis tool to screen and to collect personal information to identify the user. Google doesn’t connect any IP address to any other data already possessed by Google itself neither tries to link an IP address to an user identity. Google can transmit third-parties this information whenever it is required by the law or whenever these third-parties deal with this information on behalf of Google.
For further information, please click on the link below:

User can selectively deactivate Google Analytics action by installing on his own browser the opt-out component provided by Google. To deactivate Google Analytics action, please click on the link below:

Cookies Duration
Some cookies (session cookies) only last until the browser is closed or until the logout command is executed. Other cookies “survive” after that the browser is closed and are still available during further connections. These cookies are called persistent and their duration depends on the server when they are created. Sometimes they expire, some others their duration is unlimited. FONDAZIONE PERGOLESI SPONTINI doesn’t use persistent cookies.
Anyway, while surfing on FONDAZIONE PERGOLESI SPONTINI website pages, you can interact with websites managed by third-parties which can create or modify permanent and targeting cookies.

Cookies Management
The user can decide whether to use cookies or not by changing his browser settings.
Pay attention: totally or partially deactivating technical cookies can compromise the use of the website features for registered users only. On the contrary, accessing public contents is also possible when cookies have been completely deactivated.
To deactivate third-party cookies doesn’t compromise the possibility to surf this website at all.
The best browsers permit to define different settings for “first-party” cookies and “third-party” cookies.
For example, if you use Firefox, through the menu Tools->Options ->Privacy, it is possible to access the control panel where you can choose whether accept the different kinds of existing cookies or not and, in case, to remove them.
Internet Explorer: