Great sales success worldwide for L’Arlesiana of Cilea in CD, DVD and BLURAY for Dynamic. The work recorded at the Teatro Pergolesi in Jesi during the opera season 2013 in a new production of Pergolesi Spontini Foundation in co-production with the Wexford Festival Opera, conducted by Francesco Cilluffo and directed by Rosetta Cucchi.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016 24:43

Great sales success all over the world, and particularly in the American market, for the world premiere of the opera video “L’Arlesienne” by Francesco Cilea, recorded at the Teatro Pergolesi in Jesi in 2013 and widespread in recent months in cd, dvd and blu-ray from the record label DYNAMIC.

The work of Francesco Cilea was registered on 27 and 29 September 2013 Jesi where the inaugural title of the 46th Opera Season Tradition of the Pergolesi Theatre, in a new production of Pergolesi Spontini Foundation in co-production with the Wexford Festival Opera, under the direction Francesco Cilluffo on the podium of the Marche Philharmonic Orchestra, directed by Rosetta Cucchi, starring the Russian tenor Dmitry Golovnin in the role of Frederick, the Abruzzo mezzo-soprano Annunziata Vestri in the role of Rosa Mamai, Mariangela Sicilia in the role of Vivetta, and Valeriu Caradja, Stefano Antonucci, Christian Saitta, Richard Angelo Strano; Coro Lirico Marche “V. Bellini “directed by Charles Morgante.

It represented for the first time November 27, 1897 at the Teatro Lirico in Milan, “The Arlesienne” before 2013 was never represented in Jesi and on this occasion has proposed to the public of rare listening pages, with the execution of the second Romance Federico “One morning m’apriron in the room”, which is considered lost and recovered recently by the tenor Giuseppe Filianoti thanks to manuscript preserved in Palmi, hometown of Cilea.

Dell’ARLESIANA the DVD, released in recent months, it adds a long list of products made by domestic and international labels in collaboration with the Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini. Among them, all the plays by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi been staged in Jesi during the celebrations for the 300th anniversary of his birth, with the proud prisoners, Flaminio, Adriano in Syria, The Salustia, The Olympics, The Friar ‘nnamorato, and two interludes the maid mistress and Livietta meltdown and widespread in the world market through the record company Opus Arte and Arthaus Musik. In 2014, moreover, it is released on DVD comedy to music The Flight into Gaspare Spontini mask for the German label EuroArts, also recorded at the Teatro Pergolesi in Jesi. The Pergolesi Spontini Foundation has also provided support in recent years, musicology and music criticism editions for Pergolesi’s three CDs of music engraved Mozart Orchestra with Claudio Abbado for Deutsche Grammophon, for the CD Stabat Mater, a tribute to Pergolesi with Anna Netrebko, Marianna Pizzolato and the Orchestra of Santa Cecilia conducted by Antonio Pappano, and the Olympics engraved by Alessandro De Marchi and Academia Montis Regalis for Deutsche harmonia mundi.