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The Castle of Maiolati, built during the XIII Century, like all the other neighbouring castles was submitted to the power of the town of Jesi. In the XV Century the castle became the roccaforte of the heretical sect Fraticelli, whose controversial presence caused its destruction in 1428 (after the order of Pope Martino V).

In 1860 the town started to make part of the new Kingdom of Italy and in 1939 took the name of Maiolati Spontini, honouring the famous composer Gaspare Spontini who was born in Maiolati in 1774 and there died in 1851, after having received the most prestigious honours at the greatest European courts.
Through a pleasant and evocative route it is still possible to know the places bound up with the figure of this great composer. The route begins from the birth house of Spontini, to move forward in the heart of the medieval castle passing through the West Door. A few steps from the Door, on the right side, a plate remembers the Casa delle Fanciulle, one of the numerous beneficial actions promoted by the generosity of Spontini. A little further there is the church of Santo Stefano, where we can admire an ancient organ from 1788, a masterpiece of Callido’s work, and the precious wooden cantoria (a donation of Spontini).
Following the main street of Maiolati, Corso G. Spontini, we arrive at the House-Museum G. Spontini, residence of this great artist. The museum, entirely renewed in occasion of the reopening on October 25th 2000, collects precious documents, furniture, scores, instruments, paintings, stage costumes which are bound up with the figure and the works of the famous composer. In front of the Museum there is the “Casa di Riposo delle Opere Pie Spontini” and the Church of San Giovanni, where we can see the grave of Gaspare Spontini decorated with a medallion and with his effigy, attributed to Canova.
The itinerary finishes at the Parco Colle Celeste, a rare example of English-style garden, donated by Spontini to the town society in honour of his sweet bride Celeste Erard.

Under the portico of the Palazzo Comunale, (built in 1934), there is the entrance of Teatro Comunale G. Spontini, a modern building where on October 30th 1995 Maestro Riccardo Muti (the great conductor of Spontini’s music and benefactor of the Opere Pie Spontini)  was awarded with the honorary citizenship of Maiolati Spontini.

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