Pergolesi and Spontini rooms

On the occasion of the celebration for the bicentenary of the Pergolesi Theatre (1998-2001), in the Ridotto’s rooms – painted with fine eighteenth century views by Luigi Lanci from Fabriano – the Pergolesi Rooms have been prepared as a space of the memory dedicated to the great composer Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, born in Jesi in 1710 and dead in Pozzuoli (Naples) in 1736.

Afterwards, the permanent exhibition has developed itself, in the foyer of the neo-classical style theatre, with a section dedicated to the other composer bound up with the town: Gaspare Spontini (1774-1851) born and died in the nearby Maiolati, who lived in Jesi as a boy and later was counted among the town aristocrats, “proud of his presence in the theatre” in September 1838. With these rooms it started the realization of the Theatre Gallery, planned to pick up and increase the value of the most significant documents about the musical and theatrical tradition of the town.

The exhibition route of the Pergolesi Rooms is divided in four parts:

Pergolesi in Jesi: significant documents about cultural, musical and religious life in the town during the XVIII Century, to recall the roots of the education of the composer, his teachers, the noblemen who had relationships with him;

Pergolesi in Naples: gallery of portraits of the great protagonists of the Neapolitan School, among which there are his teachers: Leo, Durante e Vinci, and the directions about the places of the town bound up with Pergolesi’s life and works;

Pergolesi in Pozzuoli: popular images in which the illness and death of the “great and unhappy” composer have been represented in the nineteenth century;

Works and fame: precious opera librettos, eighteenth-century musical manuscripts, ancient editions, prints of set;

In the rooms are also exposed pictures, prints, busts, sketches and medals which offer an idealized image of the musician.

In the Spontini rooms remarkable and valuable busts are exposed, among which the bust in marble by J. Pradin, lithographic portraits, pictures, an Erard piano, a few autographic letters, manuscripts and musical librettos of recent acquisition which add themselves to the rich fund given in 1890 by the lawyer from Berlin Robert and kept into the Municipal Jesi Library.

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