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What does it mean? Disbursements by a natural or a legal person, of his own free will, are voluntary money donations to ONLUS, ONG, ASD, APS, Universities, Schools or Cultural and Performing Arts Institutions, Religious Institutes, Research Institutes and Hospitals, political parties.

Art Bonus is a facilitated tax regime on a temporary basis in favor of all the natural and legal persons, who voluntarily make a money donation, of their free will, to – among others – Teatri di Tradizione (Decree Law May 31st , 2014, n. 83, which has turned, with some changes, into Law July 29th, 2014, n.106).
Anyone who wants to support Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini’s activity can benefit from remarkable tax breaks.
The tax credit is due in the two following ways:

  • 65% of disbursements by a natural or a legal person, of his own free will effected in each of the two tax periods following the year in progress 31.12.2013 (2014 and 2015);
  • 50% of disbursements by a natural or a legal person, of his own free will effected during the tax period following that in progress 31.12.2015 (2016).

WHAT SHOULD I DO? Disbursements by a natural or a legal person, of his own free will, must be done only in money and exclusively using one of the following payment methods:

  • bank (e.g. bank transfer);
  • post office (e.g. depositing on a postal current account);
  • debt cards, credit cards, prepaid cards, bank or cashier’s cheques.

Disbursements by a natural or a legal person, of his own free will, can be done on the current account assigned to Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini  IBAN IT59 L060 5521 2050 0000 0016 795
Bank: Banca delle Marche ag. 305 Corso Matteotti, 8  Jesi (AN).
To be indicated in the reason of payment: to support Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini, Jesi, Teatro di Tradizione

The tax credit can be used over three years, through the division into three annual tranches each one of the same amount. Natural persons and non-commercial entities avail themselves of tax credit first tranche in the tax return related to the year during which the donation has been done.
Persons holding entrepreneurial income can use the tax credit starting from the first day of the tax period after the one in which they  made their donations.

BENEFITS: your company name/logo will appear in the Register of Disbursements by a natural or a legal person, of his own free will, on the Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini and Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo websites.

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Les contes d'hoffmann

WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Being “Amici della Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini” means achieving a higher status than the one of mere audience: you will have a deeper and more direct connection with your Theatre by supporting its activities.

WHAT SHOULD I DO? With an annual voluntary money donation (starting from € 50,00 for natural persons, and € 500,00 for companies), as a Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini’s Friend you will be able to access many benefits.


  • your company name/logo will appear on the official website of the Fondazione;
  • your company name/logo will appear in the programmes;
  • you will be sent the programmes of the Fondazione for free;
  • you will be given the playbills;
  • there will be a fast track for you to book your tickets or subscriptions before the official sales opening;
  • by request, you will be able to access the backstage of operas which will be realized and setting up;
  • you will be invited to dress rehearsals (if open), to press conferences, to meetings with the artists involved in the productions, to exhibitions, festivals, gala dinners and any other event arranged by Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini.
Register of friends of Pergolesi Spontini Foundation
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progetti educativi

WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini is one of the legal persons registered by the Income Revenue Authority in the beneficiary lists which are eligible to receive the IRPEF 5 per thousand. Giving your 5 per thousand to support the cultural activities promoted by the Fondazione does not cost anything and it does not create any clash with donating the 8 per thousand, as both of these choices can be done at the same time. 5 per thousand is distributed only in case the taxpayer expressly decide to do so.

WHAT SHOULD I DO? Put your signature in the special area on your 2015 individual income tax return form and specify the Fondazione fiscal code, which is 02039280421.


Don Pasquale

WHAT DOES IT MEAN? On occasion of single events  or festivals, Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini activates sponsorship contracts (main sponsors, media partners, technical sponsors, advertisers) with companies which, with their help, make possible for the Fondazione giving its activities a remarkable continuity, creating unique events and impressive shows, that produce an added value both on a cultural offer level and on an audience appeal one.

WHAT SHOULD I DO? Please, contact our Marketing Area: tel. 0731 215643 – fax 0731 226460 –

BENEFITS: The Foundation grants its sponsors – proportionally to the donated economic contribution – exclusive merchandising rights, to insert their brand name in all the communication and promotion activities linked to the specific sponsored events, rights connected to hospitality and representation activities (e.g. complimentary tickets and programmes) or the opportunity to set up desks/totems/promotional showcases or to distribute informational flyers inside Teatro Pergolesi.

TAX BENEFITS: From the tax point of view, a sponsorship cost can be considered as a sposorship and propaganda cost disciplinated by the T.U.I.R. Art. 108, clause 2, and it is totally deductible in the fiscal year in which it is paid or on a straight-line basis over the same fiscal year and the four following ones. (T.U.I.R. Art. 108, clause 2).

In the case of sponsorship contracts, the payment will be deposited prior presenting the legitimate invoice issued by Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini.


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WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini’s charter acknowledges natural and legal, public and private persons who commit, through donations, to support Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini, the status of  Incorporator, Participating Associate or Participant .

WHAT SHOULD I DO? You are asked to send the Board of Directors a request of subscription.

BENEFITS: Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini’s Charter and/or Board of Directors (through its own resolutions) will provide for Benefits.

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La fuga in maschera_2012

Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini presents its will to promote a fund raising campaign to support its institutional and cultural activities with the following targets:

  • To strengthen the fame and the prestige of composers Giovanni Battista Pergolesi and Gaspare Spontini, natives of the Marches, by performing their masterpieces in the context of Pergolesi Spontini Festival, by promoting the musicological research and the realization of music editions prepared according to scientific and philological criteria;
  • To pursue economic sustainability  in managing Teatro G.B. Pergolesi, Jesi – since 1968 qualified, by a Ministerial Decree, as one of the 28 Teatri di Tradizione (in Italy, the only case of a Teatro di Tradizione in a town which is not a province capital) – mantaining a high artistic quality standard of the projects and services offered, especially in the context of its Stagione Lirica di Tradizione;
  • To promote the cultural activities development and spread in the Vallesina territory, also in the perspective of a touristic promotion of the territory, on the basis of an artistic integrated project, as a cultural, civil, social, economic growing factor for the community;
  • To support creativity and talent expressions, especially the new generation ones;
  • To develop music culture in the whole society, for young people and, above all, in the context of psychological pain, to educate to a conscious listening and to stimulate opera knowledge and awareness and its expressive languages;
  • To promote training, update, specialization, enhancement, research and certification activities in the theatre and music field;
  • To modernize and to refurbish, through a functioning and conservative intervention, Teatro G.B. Pergolesi (e.g. realizing architectural barrier-free design and an air conditioning system).

Area Marketing: tel. +39 0731 202944 –
For further informations is available the Social balance

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