Art Venture

LOGHI ART VENTURE vettorialeCurrently the cultural sponsorship is a form of corporate communication established and practiced systematically. However, except for a few cases, the phenomenon generally produces a poor return for the sponsor. Sometimes in fact the sponsored event seems to live of proper life and the company brand is hosted as a kind of passive passenger, while the company are given little possibility to intervene in the operation in order to use it, at least in part, for their specific needs.

From the noise caused by a different event of this type, with difficulty emerges and remains in the memory of the public the sponsored event, while almost always lose the sponsor’s name, with a clear disadvantage for the company. Today, companies feel the need for strategic investments that most of episodes of communication; they want more paths consistent and less spectacular events. Paths that must be developed by continuity and fit into the overall plan of communication.

The Pergolesi Spontini Foundation offers to the companies multiple opportunities to participate (Art Venture, participants supporters, participating members, supporters, friends of the Foundation, the main sponsor, project sponsors, technical sponsors, co-marketing, 5 × 1000) in the form of donations or sponsorships, to start a partnership based on the sharing of a project that aims to contribute to the promotion of music and cultural territory. In particular, since its establishment, the Foundation organized around itself and its activities, a group of companies that adhere to ART VENTURE, working for a period of at least three years to pay an annual contribution to the Foundation. Such companies are recognized as “Founding Supporters” of the Foundation, with a representative on the Board and are: Pieralisi Group, Leo Burnett Italy, Moncaro, New Holland Fiat Group and Starcom Italy


leoburnett  LEO BURNETT